Calling Out Crony Capitalism & Politicians!
Corporations May Have More Money..... But We Have More Votes!!!!
I don't know if I am a Libertarian, Republican, Independent or Democrat, I've been called all of these
labels.  All I know is America Is Heading in the Wrong Direction and it is Our "Leaders" in Congress, we
elected based on false promises and lies, who are putting THEIR Interests ahead of OURs!!!  I don't care
what You are, If You Are a True American, You will Agree with Former President John F. Kennedy!

"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country!"

To Sit Back Hoping That Someday, Some Way, Someone Will Make Things Right is to Go On Feeding the Crocodile,
Hoping He will Eat You Last - But Eat You He Will."
 - Ronald Reagan
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Do American Corporations have an
Obligation to the American
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