The Only People Our Voter I.D. Laws
Discriminate Against are People
Who are Trying to Vote Illegally or
More than Once!  
Only Citizens of the
United States of America are Allowed to
Vote in U.S. Political Elections and Each
Legal Citizen is Allowed One Vote!  

Voting is considered a Right, but it is up to the voter
to make certain they are properly registered to carry
out their right.  Requiring a Citizen to show Proof of
Citizenship is Not Discrimination, it is enforcing the
Constitution which Requires All Voters to be Citizens.

To Claim Voter I.D. Laws Discriminate Against
African Americans is a Lie!
 The Democratic Party
has uncaringly used the African American Population
like pawns!  Creating Anger Over a Lie!  True
Americans want a Legal Election!  One Vote Per
Citizen!  The only people voter ID laws discriminate
against are people trying to vote illegally!  The
Majority of African Americans have Allowed the
Democratic Party to Use them to push Laws and an
Ideology that are Unsupportable when Presented
Truthfully.   African Americans have American roots
that go back centuries, some as regal as Presidential
Lines!  The African American population contributed
greatly to America's Success!  I am Confident that
anyone needing proof of citizenship will be able to
obtain the proper documentation!  Most States offer
the service and I.D. Free!

When I moved from one state to another, I had to
order a copy of my marriage certificate from 30 yrs.
ago in order to register to vote!  I did it!

In Order to participate in Society you need an
 You need an I.D. to get a job and you need an
I.D. to get Government Assistance so everyone
should get an I.D. whether they want to vote or not!
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
To Keep Our Election Process Trustworthy and
all Voters Must be Verified as US Citizens
and Show ID at the Voting Place to make sure One
Vote for Each Person!

We All Want Fair, Honest Elections!  We are Not
Prejudice Against Legal Voting Citizens - We Just Want
All Votes to be Legal Votes!  It's easier to register to
vote in American than it is in Mexico so stop making
excuses for people who don't want to make an effort to
be eligible to vote and want to vote illegally!

In Mexico you must have a Photo-Voter Card if
you want to vote!  
In order to get a Voter Card you
must take your Official Photo ID, Birth Certificate,
CURP (similar to SS#)
to an official IFE
office and Apply
In Person for
your Photo
Voter Card.  All
voters are re-
quired be a man
or woman, 18
years of age or
older, Mexican
Citizen that has
a honest way of living.  The Voter is responsible to
register approximately every 30 months.  Each Voting
Place is provided a list of Legally Registered Voters
along side their photo, printed on safety paper to
Prevent Fraud!  This is a practice America should Start
 Along with cameras in all voting polls!  I'd be
interested in Watching Reality Voting Across America!
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The Vote!  Right or Privilege?

"The Best Argument Against
Democracy is a 5 Minute
Conversation with the Average
- Winston Churchill
Freedom is Never More than One Generation Away
from Extinction.  We Didn't Pass it to Our Children in
the bloodstream.  It must be Fought for, Protected
and Handed on For THEM to do the Same!  -
Ronald Reagan
It's Funny How Mayor Bloomberg
of New York wants to Ban Big
Gulps for the Good of the People,
but He Doesn't Want Educated
Voters for the Good of the

Before a Citizen is allowed to vote,
they should be able to Name the
Current President and Vice
President, the names of the running
candidates for Both Parties and One
Issue that brought them out to vote!  
They Don't Need to say if they are for
or against the issue - Just Show you
know why you are voting!