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If You Agree.....Email Them & Your Representatives!
"Believe None of What You Hear and Half of What You See!"  -  Benjamin Franklin
Do You Believe
People Who
Obama are
Oprah Answered Yes!  read more
Sean is so Happy He
found a Stat that says the
Top 40% pay 106% of
Federal Income Taxes!
BUT What Does it Really
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Give Me $60Billion
Tax Dollars Now!  I
Don't Care How
Much Pork is in
the Bill!  I Love
Pork & Celebs!
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Oprah Answered Yes!  read more
Oprah Thinks Not
Being Handed a $38K
Purse is Racism!  It was
Discrimination Against
the Less Fortunate!  
She's Forgotten How
We Live!
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Keep It?  Kill it? or
Give it Up?  Give Life
a Chance!  You
Created a Child, It's
Not the Babies Fault!
"Facts Are Stubborn
Things!" - Ronald
Reagen.  Do You
Want to Find Tens of
Thousands of
Missing Boys & Girls?
Turning Point for The
Republican Party!  
They Went from
Governing for the
People to
Shhh! Don't Get a
Lawyer!  The Lower
50% Can't Do Anything
without Someone from
the Top 5% Getting a
Big Piece!