"For Decades We Have Elected Politicians to Fix Our Tax
Code... But Instead They All Have Made It Larger and More
Unfair to the Little Guy."
It Shouldn't Be Legal!

Billionaires and Millionaires like
Warren Buffet, Mitt Romney and
Barrack Obama are paying a
13% - 18% Federal Income Tax
Rate While Our Young College
Graduates making $36K - $50K
per Year Pay 25%!

Giving Money & Power to
Government is like giving
Whiskey & Car Keys to Teenage
Boys! -
P.J. O'Rourke
Our Crony Tax Code is the Largest Contributor to Income Inequality!
Do American Corporations have a Social Obligation to Americans?  Corporate CEOs insist our Corporate tax rate of 39% is
too High, but 60% of American Corporations, many Billion Dollar Corporations, pay Zero Corporate Tax!  Over the Decades
Corporate CEOs have worked with Our Elected Officials to Shift THEIR Social Obligations onto the Government thus the
Taxpayer!  While Corporate Executives experience higher profits, salaries and bonuses the Tax payer is Strapped with Higher
Taxes to Make up for the Corporate Withdrawal from the American Tax System.   
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Is the Fair Tax Fair?  No, it is far from fair!  As I read the proposal, I quickly realized that this was the idea of
Capitalists* in the Upper 10% Income Level who think of Employees as nothing more than an Expense and the Market as Global!  
The Fair Tax was designed to get More Tax Money from the Working Poor and Less Tax Money from the Upper 10%!  The Fair
Tax Lets Warren Buffet Make Billions Tax Free While the Working Poor Making $28K/yr pay 23% sales tax on their working
* Capitalist meaning people who Privatize Their Profits But Socialize Their Loses!!   read more....
Repeal & Replace the Federal Tax Code!  The New Beverly Hills of Washington, DC is experiencing Rapid Growth while most
of the State Suffer with High Unemployment and Low Paying Jobs!  Washington DC has lifted 23% of their Crony, Tax Taking
Lobbyists to the Top 1% Income Bracket while the Median Income Across America has DECREASED by 10%!!!  We
need to Take The Jobs Out of Washington and Bring Them Back to The States......
We Need the C-Ya Later IRS
Consumption Tax!
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How Congress Makes Internet
Sales Tax Complicated and
Completely Unfair to
Successful Corporations!!

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If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
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"To Contract New Debts is Not the Way to Pay Old Ones" - George Washington