If you think our Public School System with its’ high
illiteracy rate and ever rising drop-out rate is a good
example of a Government run agency then you are
probably FOR Government run health car
It is t time for School Vouchers!  This Economical
Crisis, the worse economy since the Carter
Administration, calls for immediate action!
Tax Payers currently pay $10,700.00 per year to
educate each  K-12 student.  Private school at the
elementary level averages $5,500.00 per child per
year and 6th grade thru 12th grade averages
$7,000.00 per year per child.
If the government issued Education Vouchers worth
$6,700.00 per year per child (Education Savings
Account) – Tax Payers would save $4,000.00 per
child per year = $4k x 55 Million Students =  
$220,000,000,000 Savings!  
Even if you take another $20 Billion Dollars to assists
families with special needs and fund after school
programs  - Tax Payers Save $200 Billion Dollars per
Every Property Tax payer can receive a 30%
reduction in their public school property tax!
It Just Makes Sense!  Parents want to pick their
Childs’ school based on:
Quality of Education – Parents Want to be confident
with the teachers ability, academic program and
method of teaching.
Shared Beliefs/Views – Parents Wants to be
comfortable with the Mission of the School and Values
of the teachers along with acceptable disciplinary
policy.  I want my child to say “Marry Christmas” and I
don’t want them watching propaganda such as “The
movie about Stuff”!  Far Left – Erroneous Liberal
School Location – With the need for Single Parents
and/or Both parents to work.  Many parents would like
to choose a school close to their work instead of their
home so they can meet with teachers, attend
presentations, care for their child in case of illness,
make it to pick-up on time, etc.,  etc.
School Pre/Post programs – Parents want to pick their
school based on their needs.  Working parents can
choose schools that offer pre-school and post-school
care, sports programs and clubs.
As Private Schools Open across the United States,
many may be opened by present administrators of
public schools with the assistance of a SBA loan,
many job opportunities will be created - instead of Tax
Dollars being spent – Private Industry will create
Public schools will have to function within the budget
of the Vouchers!  As the need for Public Schools
declines, no longer needed schools can be sold to
private industry or used as local branches of state
colleges.  More students would attend college if the
schools were more accessible to work and home.
Smaller, more efficiently run schools chosen by the
parents are less likely to contradict the parents’
authority and values which leads to greater
satisfaction and family harmony.  Schools that fit our
individual hectic lives lessen the stress of working
parents and their children.  
Allowing Parents to purchase their child’s education
forces schools to treat parents as the Customer
Again!  We need to end the “It’s my way or the
Highway” attitude of schools!  Gee, kind of like if
individuals purchased their health care directly.
Plus!!!!  It costs $200,000,000,000Less!  Two
Hundred Billion Dollars!  Better Education for our
children, Better School/Parent/Child Relationship!  
More Children will go onto attend College!  Why
haven’t we done this yet??????
Answer:           1.  The Teachers Union            2.  
Government Loves Control over its’ people!!!
The Public School Bureaucracy has become a money
hungry, inefficient Monster!  It’s out dated and the
progressive group must allow our education system to
evolve into a more “Customer Friendly”, “Result
Driven”, “Fiscally Responsible” industry.  IT’S A
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