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If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
The Perfect Storm!  Internet Trading, .Com Boom, Ez Money and the
Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act!  Sensible Markets, Stability & Logic
Gone!   Look at the Chart of the S&P!  Stability than Chaos!  Fix it!
Look At This Chart!  There is No Excuse for Oil to Cost More
Than $70.00 per Barrel, Never mind more than $110.00 per
 Due to Billionaires Speculating and Manipulating Stock
Prices to Make a Quick Profit, All Americans are Suffering from
Artifically High Oil Prices!  The Cost of Oil Effects the Cost of Most
Everything!  When it goes up in price, so does everything else,
including Shipping!  An Inflated Oil Price is Making Average
Americans Spend Hundreds of Dollars More per Month on Gas
Insted of Rent, Food, Clothing or Maybe a Little Fun!  An Inflated
Oil Price is Costing America Millions of Jobs!

For Forty Five Years, 4.5 Decades, Oil Prices were $20.00
per Barrel (afi)!
 A Steady, Reliable, Semi-Predictable Price and
Things Were Good!  Your Income was Actually Higher than the
Cost of Living!  Due to the Iran/Carter Crisis Oil Spiked, but settled
at $40.00 (afi) per Barrel for the Following Twenty Five Years, 2.5
Decades.  Then We Invaded Iraq in 2003 and by 2005 Oil had
Spiked 275%!  We Were Told It Went Up So Much, So Quickly
because of the War, But The Price Has Not Come Back Down!!

When Bush took Office in 2001 gas cost $1.00/gal in Georgia
and by early 2008 gas cost $3.85/gal!  There is NO EXCUSE!  In
Less Than ONE Decade gas prices rose 250% - Thank you
President Bush!

Why did the Oil Price Spike?  Speculation!  We had Full Control
in Iraq, There Wasn't an Oil Crisis!  My Understanding was that We
were going to get Cheaper Oil when We Allied with Iraq, but We
Got Much Higher Prices!  Why Didn't Gas Prices Come Back
Down?  As Gas Prices unjustifiably Spiked in 2005, American
Petroleum Corporations started reporting Unprecedented Profits
and They Liked It!  They Don't Want to Give Up the Profit!  Once
You Get The Money in Your Hands, It's Hard to Give it Up!  Just
Like Subsidies, Tax Credits and Health Care!  It Was Not the Iraq
War that Caused the Price of Oil to Rise,  there is plenty of Diesel
in Iraq and Saudi Arabia!  It Was an Excuse to raise Gas Prices
that the Industry Felt Were Too Low!  This has Now Happened to
Health Insurance!  Premiums are Doubling for No Reason!

In Order To Make Ends Meet, Americans Were Forced to
Reduce Their Gas Consumption and Reduce We Did!
Lighten our Cars, Combined Errand Trips and Purchased Hybrids,
But the Price Continues to Rise!  To Make Matters Worse..... Gas
Consumption is Down so Counties Across America are Claiming
Tax Revenues are Down, so They are Raising Their Sales Tax
Rates to Make Up for Their Supposed Lose!   We Can't Win....So
Why Should We Try?  Because We Are Americans and We Fight
For What We Believe is Right!  We Deserve Lower Gas Prices!

U.S. Oil Production is Up to 7 Million Barrels a Day and Our
Consumption is Down to 1997 Levels of approx. 16.5 Million
Barrels a Day!
 Down Over 2 Million Barrels a Day from 2004!  
Domestic Oil will Satisfy Half of U.S. Consumption by 2014!  We
have Done Well!  We are On Our Way to Energy Independence,
Finally!  We Deserve Lower Gas Prices and We Need to Continue
to Conserve!  The Energy Outlook is Great, so make it Affordable!
Premium Gasoline Costs .61 Cents/gal. in Saudi Arabia!
Lower the Price Of Oil!  Investors Might Take a Hit, But that's the
Risk They Took When They Over Paid for Oil Stocks!  It's a Win, Win
for America!  Will They Take One for The Gipper?

With Fricking and Fracking and New Oil Supplies being
discovered, U.S. Energy Prices Need to Come Way Down!
 I Don't
Want to Hear Excuses that Fracking is More Expensive so prices won't
come down very much!  Bull!  Export the Expensive Energy and Keep
the Cheap Energy for Americans!  Put America First!

Lower Oil Prices = Lower Cost of Living!  If Corporate America Doesn't
Want to Raise Wages, At Least They Can Lower the Cost of Living,
Something Has to Give to Make Us More Globally Competitive While
Raising the Standard of Living for All of Us, Not Just the Top 10%!
I Agree with Sen. Elizebeth Warren!  Banking Should Be Boring!  
Everyday Shouldn't be an Exciting Day at the Casino!  The S&P
Shouldn't be Reaching New Highs Every Month!  It Started Rising
Quicker during Regean, but Skyrocketed in 1998 and from than on it
has been Bubbles and Crashes! The S&P has become an ATM for the
Top 5% Wealthiest Americans and a HUGE Tax Burden to America!

Reinstate The Glass-Steagall Act!  The Only Reason Glass-Stegall
was Repealed is because Sen. Gramm (R-TX) slipped it in a bill to
HELP HIS WIFE WHO SAT on The Board of Directors at ENRON!  A
Year after the Repeal Enron, along with Eight other Corporations, Fell!
Derivatives!  Thousands of Employees Lost Their Jobs, Retirement
and Life!  The Repeal of Glass-Steagall Paved the Way for  the
Infamous 2008 World Wide Financial Crisis!!

Right Now, We Have Five Banks that Own 90% of a $700Trillion
Dollar Industry!
  Right Now,  We Have More Money in the 'Black'
Derivative Market ($950B) then the Transpart Open Market (920B)!  
Does This Sound Like It's Going to Have a Good Ending????  

We Have a Corporate America whose Mantra is; Too Big To Fail, Too
Rich to Jail, Keep the Profit, Pass Down the Loses!!
No More Bail Outs!

Investors Want Everything to
Go Up Except Wages to the
Lower 70% and Their Taxes!  

The Constant Desire for
Higher Stock Prices is
Creating Higher Prices to the
Consumer!  Subsidies to  
Energy, Agriculture,
Education and Health Care
Have Only Caused Prices to
Unnecessarily Rise!
The Federal Reserve is Currently Buying $85BIllion Dollars of
Bonds every month to keep Interest Rates Down!  For Who?  
They Claim for the Home Buyers!  The Home Buyer Market was Wiped
Out During the 2008 Crisis;  Over 5 Million Buyers had their credit
ruined because they had to move before they could sell!  Our
20Somethings are Underemployed & Under Paid  and our 30Somethings
are strapped with College Loans!

The Median Income is Less Than $28K per year!  The Lowest Since
1998!  This Means that 50% of Americans make Less Than $28k per
year!  Fifty Percent!  That's why we have 50M Americans on Food
Stamps!  Even if you get Married you can't support a Family & Home!

There are Very Few People Benefiting From The Fed Keeping
Interest Rates Low
and it is Those Who Caused the 2008 Financial
Crisis!  Money is so cheap, banks make more money doing busines with
the Government!  $85Billion Tax Dollars are being taken from the
Working Poor Every Month, Redistributed Through the Stock Market,
into the Hands of the Top 5% Wealthiest Americans!  The Top 5%
Receive 80% of the Stock Market Gains!