It's Time to Raise the Minimum Wage..... Billion
Dollar Corporations are making Hard Working
Americans pay Higher Taxes While 60% of U.S.
Corporations Pay Zero Corporate Tax!  Corporations
are making Hard Working Americans, who are just
making it week to week,  Supplement Their Corporate
Payrolls because Their Low Wages Allow Their
Employees to qualify for Food Stamps, Housing
Assistance, etc., all paid for by the Tax Payer!

If the Corporation Can't Pay a Livable Wage for a
Position - Don't Hire For the Position!  
I Would
Prefer to supplement People, especially Mothers, to
stay home and raise Their Kids Properly!  Single
Mothers and Two Income Family Parents Go to Work
at Minimum Wage, Leave Their Kids on the Streets
Alone because They Can't Afford baby sitters Then
We Have Supplement Their Low Wages and Pay for
the destruction of Undisciplined Children!!  How Do
Low Wages Help Society???  Low Wages Highly
Benefit the Upper 10% Wealthiest Americans!  As
Usual - Corporations Want to Keep The Profits and
Pass Down the Loses to the Tax Payers!

One Person!!!  Hammergren's Compensation is the
Equivalent of 1,538 JOBS paying $65K/yr!  A Livable
Wage!  But the McKesson Corporation Does Not Pay
for Employee Heath Insurance Coverage!  

The Highest Paid CEO and the corporation gives
Nothing back to Society!  When a Corporation Only
Pays half the insurance premium, Half the Employees
will sign up for it!  Only the Employees who really want
or need insurance will pay for it!  When Corporations
Paid 100% of the Health & Dental Insurance
Premiums (1960-1990), For All Employees Not Just
Executives - Most Americans Had Health Insurance!  
pre existing conditions were covered because it was a
group plan not an individual plan!  Premiums were
Much Lower because the Pool was Large and
Included the young, the old, the sick and the healthy!  
When Corporations Paid 100% of health care
Insurance Premiums for their employees Americans
Had Better Health Care, Whiter Teeth and More
Money to Spend in the Community!!!  

Then, Corporations wanted to cut expenses and
increase profits so they stopped paying 100% for the
Lower Level Employees, but continued to pay 100%
for The Rich Executives who can afford to pay for
their own insurance!!  How did That Help Society?

Supplementing the Payrolls of Hugely Profitable
Corporations is Artificially Increasing Corporate
allowing Owners/Execs. to receive Higher
Wages and Bonuses at the expense of Harmful Cuts
to Employees!  By Supplementing Corporate Payrolls
the Corporation is able to report High Profits so Stock
Prices go Up!  Executives Get Huge Bonuses, Share
Holders Get a Rise in Stock Price and Portfolio
Earnings - BUT - The Hard Working Employees, who
open the business, Receive Lower Wages and Higher
Taxes!!!!  Two Tier Society!  The Rich Will Continue
to Get Richer While Making the Working Poor Poorer!

The Rich, with all the power & money and The
Working Poor, with no money and no power!  This is
Against American Principles!!  How Does This Help
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
the Economy?  The Rich, the resorts, the hotels, etc.
able to Hire Four Maids for the Cost of Two?

From 1978-2011 CEOs have raised THEIR pay 725%
while raising worker compensation only 5.7%!*
The CEOs are Over Rewarding Themselves, while
cutting Employee wages, health care coverage and
pension contributions!  CEOs want Profit!  Profit means
Bigger Bonuses, Larger Salaries & Benefits for the
Corp. Execs. and Higher Stock Prices! What does it
mean to the Employee and Society???

If Stock Prices Go Down
Due to Lower Profits
Caused by Higher Wages
to Employees..... That Is
a Good Thing!  That Means
The Gap Between The Rich
and Poor is Getting Smaller
(More Fair) in a Positive
Economic Manner!

Corporate CEOs Claim that Raising the Minimum
Wage raises Unemployment - Businesses Will
 Americans Have Been Losing Jobs to
Technology and Automation for Decades!  Businesses
are Waiting for the Next Technology that will Save
Them Employee Costs!  While We Have Jobs, We
Should Make Enough to Support Ourselves, Retain Self
Respect and Enjoy Little Pleasures!!

CEOs Never Claim That Raising THEIR
benefits, pension plans,
luxury cars, vacation
villas, golden golf retreats
and daily fine dining are
costing Americans Jobs!  

The Upper 10% Love
Their Lives, They are
Making Money Hand
Over Fist, Showing Profits
at the Expense of Society
and They Don't Want Anything To Change!!!

Higher Minimum Wage = Higher Pay and Better Life
and Maybe Less Jobs!  Automation Creates
Production, Programing, Installation and Repair - All of
These Jobs Pay Better than Minimum Wage!  Hopefully
These Cheap Corporations Buy Kiosks Made in
America!  If They Don't We Will Boycott!

Immigration Reform (CBO Report)  = Lower Wages,
Higher Unemployment, Higher Taxes & Millions of
Undocumented Immigrants Still In the Shadows!  
Problem Unresolved Again - Just Like 1986!  Why do
Corporations Want to Add to the Unemployment
Problem and Not Correct the Wage Problem?  Answer:
Higher Profits & Larger Portfolios!

When Did Corporate America Start Caring about Job
Lose?  The 2008 Financial Crisis, Caused by
Corporate America, Created a Huge Pool of Under Paid
and Under Employed!  Our College Educated Kids
Working as Part Time Waiters & Clerks!

If Corporate America & Politicians Cared About
Average Working Americans, Why is General
The Most American Company in History, a
company American Taxpayers Bailed Out during Their
Own Financial Crisis, Creating Jobs in Mexico by
Building a Huge Manufacturing Plant (construction jobs)
that will take hundreds of Middle Class, Blue Collar jobs
from Americans, When We Need Jobs Here?!?!?!  

You Want Us to  Naturalize Millions Of Mexican Citizens
which will create Higher Unemployment & Lower Wages
for Americans, While Shipping Good Paying Jobs to
Mexico???  Does this Sound Fair?  Good for the
Economy?  Does this make sense to anyone?  Yes, the
Top 5%!  It's All About the Profit, not the People!

Corporations are making huge profits and have huge
amounts of cash - They'll Still Not Satisfied!
Since 1969 the Top 1% has seen a 273% increase
in H/H Income,
The Middle Class a 40% increase,
and The Lower Class a 18% **  This is House Hold
Income, Normally Two People Working in the Lower

The Purpose of Raising the Minimum Wage is
Not Only to Help the Small Percentage of Adults
Making the Ridiculously Low Minimum Wage,
is a Means of Increasing Salaries Up the Line to
$80k!  Trickle Up Economics!  Jobs that paid $30.00
per hour prior to the 2008 Crash pay $22.000/hr
Today!  Jobs that Paid $20.00/hr, which is Just Above
the Working Poor, Pays $15.00/hr Today!  Why???  
Because They Can!  Forget About a Raise After You
Pass Your Probation Period - That's Gone!  You're
Lucky to Get a Raise Every Two Years!  This Is
WRONG!  We Need the Salaries Brought Back Up -
Just Like the Fed has Brought the Stock Market and
Top 5% Back Up and Beyond!

Raising the Minimum Wage to $9.00/hr will
increase minimum income by $300.00 per
 That is double the $123.00/mth average
food stamps benefit currently paid by the Tax Payers!
$123.00/mth is Practically Useless!  Raising the
Minimum Wage Will Restore Self Respect, Pride in
Work and provide a Little Relief to Millions of
WORKING Americans!  Raising the Minimum Wage  
will Get Millions More OFF the Tax Payer's Bill and
onto the Corporation's Bill Where They Belong!  It
might raise the price of a burger by .50 cents and
each visit to Walmart by a $1.00!  We Can Afford
That and So Can the CEOs!!  At least the taxpayer
has more choice of where their tax money is spent!!

The Rich Don't
Want to Raise the
Minimum Wage...  
That Will Take
From Their Profits!

They Want The
Government to
Issue Tax Credits
& Food Stamps so
Everyone Shares THEIR Cost!
They Want 30% of
Americans to Work Full Time and Still Have to
Receive Government Handouts!  Then They Have
The Nerve to Complain That 50% of Americans Don't
Pay Any Federal Income Taxes and That They are All
Takers Living Off The Government!!!  Low Pay is
Creating Poverty & Higher Taxes!

25% of All Jobs Created Pay < $25K per Year!  50%
of All Jobs Created Pay < $50K per Year!

Not Only Do We Need to Insist Corporations Pay
a Reasonable Minimum Wage, they should also
pay Sick Days!  
A Single Mother who gets sick loses
her pay those days!  She has to choose between
going to work or bringing her child to the doctor, while
$200k+/yr. salaried workers can bring Their Child to
the Doctor without a care - 100% company paid
 Upper Management has created a Bias
Environment among their own employees!  Giving
more for the wealthy and giving less to the
employees who are just as important!!

Raise the Minimum Wage, But Lower the Payroll
Tax for the Employer and Employee!
Wages Will Be Higher the Fed Can Lower the Payroll
Tax Rate and Still Collect the Same Amount of Taxes!
Cut Out Fraud, Waste and Abuse and Lower the
Payroll Tax to 3%!   
We Need the C-Tax!  C Ya
Later IRS!  
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The Cost Of Necessities Have Increased 300%
The Rich Say.......Get a Job!  Get Off
Welfare!  But, These Same People Pay
Full Time Workers Wages That Qualify
for Welfare!
*  Morning Joe 12/6/13
** O'Reilly Factor 11/20/13.
MeKesson Corporation's CEO John
Hammergren receives Over $100Million Per
Year Compensation!
McDonald's is Against Raising the Minimum Wage
BUT is strongly Pro-Immigration Reform!
The Rich
Don't Want
to Raise the
Wage...  That
Will Take
Want The
to Issue Tax
Credits So
They Can
Share the
Expense Like
In a Socialist

Then They
Can Complain
About All the

Need Their
Employees on
Payrolls, Not
Taxpayers Bill!

Raise the
Wage to
$9.00per hour
and up the
line to
$80k/yr., But
Since Wages
are Higher,
Revenues will
be Higher, So
Lower the
Payroll Tax to
3% for the
Employer &

For Once Let
& Corporate
Take a Cut
and Give
Main St. a
47.8% of Welfare Recipients are Working at Substandard
Wages so They Qualify for Welfare!  This Costs the Tax
Payers Not The Employers Who Profit From Their Service!
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November 2013 Average Hourly Earnings Down .2%

"Mr. Speaker, the Time for an Increase in the Minimum Wage has not Just Arrived;  It is Long Overdue."  
- Sherwood Boehlert