Internet Sales Should be Taxed!

Our Brick & Mortar Department Stores are a Vital Part of Our Community!  Not only
do they provide us a cool environment on a hot, sticky day, but they also pay a lot
of local and state taxes.  They Create Jobs, service our emergencies and provide
the community with a safe, social gathering spot!

I would hate to image my community left with empty, run down plazas, higher
unemployment and an over bearing individual tax burden because the Brick &
Mortar Stores were put out of business by Internet Businesses who received an
Unfair Advantage by My so called Pro-Capitalism Government Law Makers!

Internet Companies already have the advantage of a low over head operation
allowing them to offer lower prices and gain more and more of the Market!  Why
Should we Give them Another Advantage over hard working business owners,
managers and employees working at the Brick & Mortar Stores?  It's A Big
Advantage Coupled with Ease of Transaction - Win, Win!

Our increasingly Unimaginative Congress that is always on the prowl to Snatch
More Taxes from Us to pay for their Out of Control Over Spending has lost all
concept of Fairness, Equal Justice and Common Sense!  Should Internet Sales be

Congress's Solution:   Businesses earning Over $??Million in sales must report
to Over 1,500 Sales & Use Tax Agencies across the country, each with a Different
Percentage Rate, Different Rules, Different Deadlines and All of the Agencies are
Infamous for sending Erroneous Tax Due Notices which take countless pages of
correspondence to resolve.  This is a Large Burden Not Easily Solved by Software!

Common Sense Solution:  All Internet Sales are taxed as They Would be at a
B&M Store and the Tax is based on the shipping location!  If the product is shipped
from Atlanta, GA - It is Taxed at the Atlanta, GA Tax Rate, Reported & Paid to Ga!  
One Rate, One Report, One Deadline, All Sales Local, Internet and Mail - Just Like
the Brick & Mortar Businesses!  This is FAIR!  Levels the Playing Field!  This will
Create a Healthy Competition between States to Keep Their Sales Tax Low!

We Need Common Sense Solutions - Not Confusing Crony Capitalism!  We Need
Representation for the Lower 80%!  No Candidate is Perfect, but There are Some
Who Can Be Educated on Our Constitution and what Capitalism Really Means!
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
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Leave it to Congress to Make a Simple Policy
Complex, Unfair and Burdensome!
Should Internet Sales
be Taxed Like Brick &
Mortar Stores?
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