Most Every Republican and Many Democrats
Regard Ronald Reagan as a
Great President
, and he was, but
I do believe he has been given too
much credit for his Immigration
Reform Compromise!  Reagan's
Half a Loaf is Better than No Loaf
Philosophy Didn't Work with
Immigration Reform - Amnesty!

What did it resolve?  We have been having the
Same Political and Economic Argument for the Last
Twenty Years!  The reason we had the Compromise
1n 1986 is because we were having heated Political
Debates about Illegal Immigration!  We Don't Want to
be having Another Political  Debate Ten Years from
Now!  The 1986 Compromise was suppose to End the
Illegal Immigration Problem, but it Didn't!  Politicians
from Both Parties have Used this issue, for decades, to
gain political donations and votes!  Politicians Like
Divide - Divide and Concur - That's Why it's Not

Twenty-Five Years Later and The Borders are
Still Not Secure!
 We Have 20 Million Undocumented
Immigrants living in the shadows, accessing public
assistance and not paying taxes!  Many are voting
illegally with fraudulent I.D.s!  The Politicians Got Part
of the Loaf, Special Interest and Illegal Immigrants got
Part of the Loaf, But What did the Tax Payers Get?

America is an Accepting Country and Americans
are Compassionate People, but We Want Results!

 We are a Nation of Laws and Died for Equal Rights!  
Everyone Living In America or Who Want to Enter
America Need to Follow OUR Laws!  It Is Not Fair That
Undocumented Immigrants Are Not Criminally
Prosecuted for Offenses American Citizens are
Arrested for Committing!  Meg Whitman's former
housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, provided Falsified
Immigration Documents, Social Security Card, W-4 and
CA Drivers License!  These are Felonies!  If I had
falsified One of these documents I
would have been arrested!  But
What Happened?  The Media and
Immigration groups Screamed for
Meg Whitman to BE Arrested
Not Nicky Diaz, who openly admitted
to Several Felonies!  This Behavior
by Politicians, Undocumented
Immigrants and the Media is Unacceptable and
Extremely Harmful to the Amnesty movement!  Un-
documented Immigrants have to take responsibility for
their crimes and not try to have others arrested.

For Decades, Politicians have been insisting that
our Immigration Policy is Broken!  
As someone who
has been through the system from start to finish, I
have to disagree!  

I married a young man who was in America with a
Student Visa!  We filed the proper paperwork and he
received his greencard.  After a few years, we filed his
paperwork and he received his citizenship!  No
Lawyers Necessary!  Then We Sponsored his father!  
We had to prove that we were financial stable to
support ourselves and our father, he was not eligible
for any Government Assistance for at least five years.  
We filed his paperwork and he received his greencard.
Our father applied for his wife and other children.  It
took years, but they are all here legally at minimal
cost!  The System Doesn't Work for People Who Want
to Gain the System!  People Who Don't Want to go
through the legal process!

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports
that passing the current Immigration Reform Bill will
Cause Americans to experience Lower Wages and
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
Higher Unemployment and result in at least 15M un-
documented immigrants still living in the shadows!  
How Can We Fight for Higher Wages and Pass the
Immigration Bill that will pressure the economy to
Lower Wages!

Supposedly the New Residents can not receive
any Government Assistance
and they are Exempt
from ObamaCare aka A.C.A..   Most will be paid
between $7.00/hr - $12.00/hr. depending on where
they live, Less 7.65% payroll tax, less sales tax etc.  
How are they going to afford Health Care that costs
$400/mth Per Individual?  They won't get insurance!  
Who is going to pay for the prenatal care, hospital
visits and after care when these 'New Residents' get
pregnant within the year and have no insurance and
no job?  Who is going to pay?  The Tax Payers!  The
Working Poor will have to pay higher taxes to care for
these 'New Residents' and their babies!  The Working
Poor, The Ones who got Lower Wages and Higher
Unemployment by passing the Immigration bill!

The Rich and Large Corporations, like
McDonalds, are pushing hard to Pass
Immigration Reform!  Why?
 Because they want to
pay Lower Wages!  They want a huge pool of under
paid, over qualified applicants!  They want to make
larger profits by paying smaller salaries at the expense
of Americans!  They'll be able to hire Four maids for
the cost of Two!

We Don't Want Our Engineers who make $80k/yr +
Benefits to be Replaced with a New Residents willing to
work for $50k/yr + a Green Card!

I Understand we have a group of "Dreamers",
undocumented immigrants brought here by their
parents when they were young!  That's the Difficult
Dilemma!  Children will burden the sins of their
parents, meaning children will pay for their parents bad
parenting, but then again, as we have also seen,
Society Also Pay for Others' Bad Parenting!  So We
Must Reach a Fair Compromise!

1.  Secure the Borders First!!  It is Already Law!  The
Reagan compromise gave Amnesty to Undocumented
Immigrants and 100% Secure Borders to Americans.
Make it Fair, Make it Right, Secure the Borders!

2.  Get Rid of Criminals, Gang Members and Drug
Addicts Now!  Stop releasing them into Society and
show you are serious be deporting people who are
breaking our laws!

3.  In order to receive 'Legal Residency' you must be
able to financially support yourself or have a financially
stable sponsor!  You are responsible for your needs,
not the American Tax Payers.  No Government
Assistance for at least Ten Years.

4. Make It Mandatory!  All Undocumented Immigrants
currently in the country must apply for legal residency
or they must leave the country or be eligible for
immediate deportation.  No More People in the
Shadows, working, not paying taxes, receiving
community resources.

5.  Corporations say they don't have enough STEM
graduates, I say Bull!  They just want to in source
because out sourcing has become too costly!  Be Sure
STEM Green Cards are not handed out by
Corporations!  They should go to Entrepreneurs with
their Own Investment Money - Private or Investors!  
Not Corporations looking for cheaper labor!  Dreamers
with College Degrees should receive a Green Card as
soon as they secure work!

6.  Once Qualified for Legal Residency they will follow
the path laid out in the current immigration reform bill.

The First Step to Passing Immigration Reform is
to Secure the Borders and Fix the Economy!
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"Laws Made by Common Consent
Must Not Be Trampled On By
 - George Washington
Only 30% - 40% of Undocumented Immigrants
Took Advantage of Amnesty in 1986!
There are approximately
20 Million undocumented
of which at lest
12M are low skill, low
education!  If we give them
all residency, they become
a Huge Part of a Huge Pool
of Low Paid, No Benefit,
Under Employed Workers
who can't Survive without
Public Assistance.  College
Educated 20Some things are working
as store clerks being paid just above
minimum wage!