"We are a Compassionate Country but We All Have Our
Burdens.... If It's Not Health Care Costs it's Something Else......
Is Socialism the Only Answer?"
We All Agree that Our Health Care Costs & Insurance System Needs Reform!
The Original Goal of the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare was to insure approximately 30 Million Americans who
either can't afford insurance or are unable to secure coverage due to a pre existing condition.  It  is an Admirable Goal!  People
should not be dropped when they get sick and Everyone should be able to get medical care, but ObamaCare doesn't guarantee
Care!!  Anyone with experience with pre existing state plans and Medicare know it's difficult to find a doctor who accepts your
insurance so care is limited!  Subsidies Raise the Cost of Insurance like they raise the Cost of College Tuition!   
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Repeal & Replace Obamacare!  The A.C.A. was misrepresented to the American people!  It is UNFAIR to the American people
who voted Against ObamaCare twice to be Forced to purchase less coverage at much higher rates, while the Millions of
Americans who Voted For ObamaCare (Many illegally voted 4+ times) are Exempt From Following the So Called Law!  When a bill
becomes a law it Can Not be changed by the Order of the President or Harry Reid!!!!   We are a country of laws..... or at least we
use to be!  ObamaCare forces Millions of Self-Sufficient Individuals to be dependent on the Government!  
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Expanding Medicaid encourages People who Can't Afford to have more babies.....to have more babies!  Once You get
Medicaid You Get Lots of Free Government Services Paid for by the Taxpayers of which there are less and less!!!  Mothers &
Fathers who are being responsible by working and only having children they can Afford are being Replaced by supposedly
'Single' mothers, already dependent on public assistance, Continuing to Have Children They Can't Afford!!!  Our Payroll Tax,
which increased by 2% in January 2013, is going to Continue to increase as long as we continue to Give Money To Irresponsible
People!!!  If You Are Receiving Government Assistance and Have Another Child - You Should Lose Your Gift from the Tax Payers!
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
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"It Will be of Little Avail to
the People that the Laws
are Made by Men of Their
Own Choice if the Laws be
so Voluminous that They
Can Not be Read, or so
Incoherent that They Can
Not be Understood."  
- James Madison