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Why is Sean Hannity Constantly Cherry Picking Statistics to Bash The
Working Poor?
 Millions of People Who Are Working Very Hard - Like He
Wants - are Making Such Substandard Wages that They Receive Tax Payer
Paid Government Subsidies for Food, Housing, Electric, Health Care, etc.!  
The Taxpayers Should NOT have to subsidize These People - Their Employers
Should Be Paying a Reasonable Wage so Their Employees can Get Off
Welfare!  People Making $19K Per YEAR - Not Per WEEK Like Hannity -
Deserve a Raise and Everyone Up the Line to $80k!

I Don't Know How Many Times Sean has Repeated his Newest Statistic:  
"The Top 40% of Americans Pay 106% of the Federal Income Taxes!"


You Can Not Live on $7.25/hr Less 7.65% P/R Taxes and Pay Federal Income
Taxes!  You can barely get by at $10/hr if you are single and have
roommates!  Before the Infamous 2008 World Wide Financial Crisis jobs
paying $25/hr now pay $15/hr, $15/hr jobs, which is Working Poor (Not Poverty
But Full Time Work Living Poor!) now pay $8 - $10 per hour!  The Same
Corporations and Executives that Caused the Financial Crisis and Who
Benefited Most from the Crisis, Created a Huge Pool of Over Qualified, Over
Educated But Under Paid and Under Employed Workers!  Who's Benefiting?
If Sean Hannity doesn't Take
Off His Blinders and Shut His
Mouth, The Republican Party
Will Continue to lose Votes,
thus Elections!  

25% of Americans Earn Less
Than $20K Per Year!  Over
50% of American Voters Earn
Less than $28k/ Per Year!  
Keep Unjustly Bashing Them!
$10+Million Dollar Per Year
CEOs Don't Want to Pay Higher
Wages - They Want More Tax
Credits for THEIR Employees!  
 They Want to SHARE their
Expense with the Taxpayers!  Tax
Credits keep Their Payrolls Lower
= Higher Profits!  Lower Payroll =
Lower P/R Taxes!  Win, Win for
the Executives while the Country
We Don't Want Your Damn Tax Credits or
Welfare!  We Want Decent Jobs
and Decent
Pay and Decent Benefits!  The Rich Want To
Give Tax Credits so They can Continue to
Complain that 60% of Americans aren't Paying
Any Federal Income Taxes!  Even Though
$7.25/hr wages are taxed at 7.65% Federal
SS/Medi Tax!   They Want to Complain How
They're Forced to Carrying the Burden of
America's Poor!  They want to Continue to Rant
about 50M Americans on Food Stamps - When It
is Their Policies That Create Poverty...
Dependency.. and Bigger Government!  

We Want Pride In Our Job, Ourselves and
Our Futures!
 We Can't Provide for Families on
$30K per Year, that's why we have a population
problem!  Later and less marriages create less
children!  Don't Say "Get Another Job!"  There
aren't many Good Paying Jobs - Corporate
Execs. have Formed a Union that Takes Pride in
Paying Americans At Little As Possible!  You
need to be Bi-Lingual to get a $10/hr job!  Raise
the Minimum Wage to $9.00 per Hour!
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Since 1969 the Top 1% has seen a 273%
increase in H/H Income,
The Middle Class a
40% increase, and The Lower Class a 18%*  This
is House Hold Income, Normally Two People
Working in the Lower Classes!! (*O'Reilly Factor
11/20/13).  Meanwhile The Cost of Living,
Necessities and Ball Games have Increased by
200%.   Both Parents at Work to Keep Up with
the Ridiculous Cost of Living Increases due to an
Ever Rising Stock Market!  
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Calling Out Crony Capitalism!
Hannity Should Be Asking:  "Why are
There So Many Millionaires Not Paying
Any Taxes?"
 More and More Tax Loop
Holes for Large Donors is allowing the
Percentage of Wealthy who Don't Pay Any
Taxes to Rapidly Increase!  
Wall Street and
Government have given us...
Too Big to
Fail, To Rich to Jail, Keep All The Profits and
Pass Down All the Loses!! That's How You
Get Bigger Bonuses & Higher Stock Prices on
the Tax Payer's Backs!
Should the Minimum
Wage be Raised to
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Christopher Fattahi