Government has  Grown into a Powerful Political Weapon Used
Against Anyone Who Disagrees With Its' Ideology!

"Few Men Have Virtue to Withstand the Highest Bidder."  - George Washington
We Need Real Representation, By the People, For the People!   The House, Senate and Executive Office, while held
by Republicans and Democrats, Have Over Stepped the Boundaries of Our Constitution!  Laws have been created,
abused and ignored as a means to Accomplish Tyrannical Control Over The American People Who are Born Free and
Willing to Fight for Freedom!   We are a Nation of Laws, but Our Law Makers Exempt Themselves from Following
Their Own Laws!  Our Law Makers Keep Their Power & Position by using Their Power & Position to Pick Their
Favorite Winners & Losers!  
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Campaign Finance Reform & Term Limits.  When Our Representatives Spend Half Their Time Fund raising instead of
Working for the People... When Our Representatives have to Sell Out to the Largest Donors...When Our Political
Candidates are Picked by Corporations who Invest in Political Ads instead of investing in Their Employees and paying
taxes...  For A Government That Represents the People... We Need Campaign Finance Reform and Term Limits!
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Entitlement Reform Private and Public!  - America borrows .25 Cents of Every Dollar We Spend and We Have a Spending
Problem!  This will Not End Well!  As More Americans Leave the Work Force, stop working, stop paying taxes, More Americans
are becoming Dependent on the Tax Revenue of the Working!  We are heading down an Unsustainable Path!  We Need the
people who are able to work... To Work!  We Need People who don't need SS/Medi benefits  to not take S.S./Medi Benefits.   We
the people who are on Government Assistance to be More Responsible with the Tax Payers Dollars!   
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If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!

"No Government Ever
Voluntarily Reduces Itself in
Size.  Government Programs,
Once Launched, Never
Disappear.  Actually, a
Government Bureau is the
Nearest Thing to Eternal Life
We'll Ever See on This Earth!"
- Ronald Reagan!
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