Fair Tax Supporters Admit..... There is nothing in
the Fair Tax Bill that will Make Corporations lower their
prices but studies have shown they will!

Yeah!!!  Just Like T.A.R.P.!  The Corporations and
CEOs that caused the 2008 World Wide Financial
Crisis were handed Over a Trillion Dollars, by a
Republican President, with No Stipulations!  The
CEOs Did What Benefited the CEOs - Not Their
Employees and Not Society!!  A business will Not cut
into profits unless it is forced!

What have Corporations done for the Employees
and Societies in China,
S. Korea (who abuses N.
Koreans) and Bangladesh????  Hugely profitable
Corporations like The Gap, Walmart, Target, Macy's,
H&M etc. save billions of dollars in Labor Costs and
Payroll Taxes by exporting their clothing production
over seas, but they allow workers in these countries to
be treated like slaves!  The workers are overworked
and underpaid while forced to work in Unsafe
Environments!  Manufacturing Buildings in poor
countries collapse without notice trapping and killing
hundreds of workers under rubble (April 2013).  Even
though these Multi-Million Dollar, Hugely Profitable
Corporations are saving Billions, they don't provide
workers with a safe building!!!!  They Don't Care!  
Capitalism is about the Profit not the Employees!!!  I
hate to say it, but there are plenty of CEOs here in
America who don't want to pay Americans a Minimum
Wage, who don't want to pay more than $5.00/hr.
without benefits and who care more about themselves
then the workforce that keeps the CEO in business!  
This Needs to change!  

You Are Dreaming, Look at the Price of Oil!  Less
demand, more supply, fricking and fracking, but gas
prices are unreasonably High!  During the Bush
Administration the price of gas went from $1.00/gal
(2001) to $3.85/gal (early 2008) in Georgia!!!  Why!!

We were told the Gas prices rose so much so quickly
because of the war in Iraq!  But, the price never came
back down - there was always an excuse to raise the
price!  There is No Excuse for oil to be more than
$65/barrel and gas more than $2.00/gal at the pump!  

For over Four decades leading up to the Carter
Administration oil cost approx. $20/barrel, it settled at
$40/barrel after the Iranian/Carter Crisis in 1980 and  
Since 2003 we have seen $40/barrel oil rise to
$110.00/barrel in ONE Decade - The Bush/Obama
Administrations!  There is NO Excuse!!

The Cost of Oil Effects the Cost of Everything -
Manufacturing, Freight, Airlines, etc.!  As the Price of
Oil Rises so Does the Price of Everything else!  
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
American Citizens are being held hostage by
Unjustified, Extremely High Oil Prices  which are Not
Based on Supply & Demand, but based on
Speculation, Manipulation and Federal Reserve
Intervention!!  The oil corporations started making
unprecedented Profits in 2005 and it has continued up
to today!!!!  Have they Lowered the Price of Oil and
Gas??  NO!  Corporations don't lower prices because
they make more profit!!!  The CEOs take Higher
Salaries and Bonuses - Especially when their Income
Tax Free!!

America is exporting more oil than ever before at
high prices!!
 Oil is an American Resource and before
it is Exported to Other Countries, We Need to Take
Care of America and Americans and Lower the Price
Here!!   High Oil Prices are Costing Average Americans
$100s of Dollars more every month and Millions of Jobs
While our wages are less and the cost of living is

Saudi Arabian Citizens pay .61 Cents/gal. for Premium
Gasoline!  Why are we paying $3.50 - $4.50/gal.

The Fair Tax allows Billionaires Like Warren Buffet to
buy $4Million of stocks in the morning, he isn't charged
sales tax on the purchase, and at the end of the day
he can sell the shares, make a profit of $2Million and
pay no income tax on the profit!?!?    However,
Average Americans making $25k per year will have to
pay 23% sales tax on their work clothes!!!  If you want
the Fair Tax to be Fair Stock/Derivative/Security
Purchases need to be Taxed!!!  The Millionaire and
Billionaire Investors Need to Pay Their Fair Share of
Sales Tax!  80% of the Stock Market Gains goes to the
Top 5% Wealthiest Investors while the other 95% of
Investors Split the remaining 20% gains!!  The 50% of
the population that can't afford to invest receive No
Gain!!  Why are Their Stock Purchases Tax Free?

The Revolution of Reality TV is a Perfect Example of
How Corporations Do Not Pass Down Their Savings to
the Consumer!!!  They Did in the Past but Not Today!
Each Episode of “Friends” cost At Least $6.5 Million
Dollars!!!  Each star character received $1M per
episode and there were six main characters, plus
extras, sets and huge production costs!

Along came Honey BooBoo which costs producers
$100K per episode Instead of $6.5Million!!!!   Even
though they are Now profiting $6.4 Million More per
episode - one show - Did They Lower Our Cable
No!, it's continues to go up!  Did they
Decrease the number of commercials we are forced
to watch???  No!!!!  Who Benefited???  And Now
you want to give them everything Tax Free and Make
Me pay 23% on my food, clothing and necessities!!!  
The Rich Pay Less Taxes while the Working Poor
Pays More!

That's Representation Without Taxation!  Our Crony
Tax Code, full of Favors for Rich Donors, allows 60%
of American Corporations to pay Zero corporate
income tax!

Corporations don't want to pay taxes, but they want
to Pick Our Political Candidates!!!

Corporations don't want to pay taxes, but they have
No Problem Taking Our Taxes for Self Inflicted Bail
Outs, Investment Subsidies, Corporate Payroll
Subsidies and $85BILLION A MONTH of our tax
dollars being taken from the Working Poor and
Redistributed through the Stock Market, into the
hands of America's Top 5% Wealthiest Americans!

The Wall Street Wealthy act like spoiled rotten brats
kicking, screaming, biting and trying to wear you
down at the Mention of Tapering!!!  They Want the
Free Money - They Don't Care What It's Costing
America!!!!!  Wall Street is acting like the Democrats
over the 2% sequestration cuts!!!

If You are going to Call it a Fair Tax - Make it Fair!

This 'Fair Tax' is a huge contributor to Income
Inequality - Something Republicans don't want to
recognize or they will have to admit all the Crony
Capitalism Going on in America!!!  This is Not
Capitalism - This is a tax code designed by people in
the upper 10% of the pay scale who think of
employees as nothing more than an Expense and
Society as Global!

We Need the C-Tax, C Ya Later IRS!  Average
Americans have to look out for themselves because
there is NO ONE who is going to do it for You!!  The
Fair Tax will make small business owners lower their
prices and profit but Large Monopolistic CEOs will
take all the extra money for themselves because it is
TAX FREE!!!!!  You can only spend so much money
the rest will be held in savings for future, stronger,
more selfish generations!!!  This Does Not Help the
Economy OR Encourage Equality!!!  This Does NOT
Create Jobs or Raise Wages!!!

We Need to Stop the Growth of the New Beverly Hills
of Washington, DC!!!! The States Need to Take
Back Their Jobs and We Need to Take Back Our

We Need the C-Tax!  C Ya Later IRS!  Learn More
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The Garments & Jewelry worn by the workers can easily get
caught in the Machinery resulting in loss of Life or Limb!.
Claim:  Fair Tax will Lower Prices by
allowing Corporations to keep more of
their profits!
Fair Tax exempts Stock Purchases from Sales Tax
The More Items Taxed, the Lower the Tax
Rate and the Fairer the Tax!
Oil & Gas Prices Need to Come Way Down!
Corporations Don't Pay a Corporate Income
Tax Under the 'Fair Tax'!  
Corporate Greed is Killing the Economy
The 'Fair Tax' is a Huge Contributor to
Income Inequality!
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"Facts are Stubborn Things"  - Ronald Reagan
The Fair Tax
Millionaires &
Like Warren
Buffett to
$4M of Stock
Shares -
Exempt from
Sales Tax!  
Then He Can
Sell the next
day, make
$2M Profit -
Exempt form
Income Tax!  
But, The
Poor Will Be
Required to
pay 23%
Sales Tax on
Clothes and

I Don't Call
That Fair!  
The More
Items Taxed
The Smaller
The Tax Rate
and the
Fairer the