Republicans are Diminishing 50M Americans
dependent on Food Stamps!!!
 They Insist the
Government is creating Dependency!!  Wake Up!!  It
is Corporate CEOs who Refuse to pay a livable wage
that is creating dependency!!

Billion Dollar Corporations are making Hard
Working Americans pay Higher Taxes!
 They are
making US supplement their Payrolls because Their
wages allow Their employees to qualify for Food
Stamps & More!  If a Corporation can't pay a wage
that doesn't need to be subsidized - Don't Hire for the
position!  If I have to subsidize a 'Single' Mother's low
wage I would prefer her Not to take the job.  I'd Prefer
she stay home and raise her child properly so we're
not paying for her child's damage!

By subsidizing payrolls of large Department, Grocery
and Fast Food stores with Government Assistance
the Corporate Executives are getting Larger Profits
thus Larger Bonuses!  Share Holders are getting
Higher Stock Prices hence Larger Portfolios!  But, the
Working Poor, the ones there at 5am to open the
doors, are getting Lower Wages & Higher Taxes!  

Corporations are pushing for ZERO Corporate Tax
while using Our Tax Dollars to subsidise Their
Employees and then They Complain There Are Too
Many People Dependent on Food Stamps!!  Low
Wages Across the Board with Few Opportunities is
Causing Poverty and Causing a Food Stamp (Gov.)  
Dependent America!!!  

Can You Even Image How It Feels to Work Full Time
and Still Be Dependent on the Government for Food
and Housing Assistance?  It's not just Minimum
Wage.  If You make Less Than $15.00/hr, you are
poor - You Can Not afford Health Insurance and there
is nothing left for savings, retirement or fun when a
dumpy one bedroom costs $950/mth.

In the 80's Most Corporations offered Health
Ins. fully paid by the company!
 This allowed Most
Americans to be insured!  Spouses without insurance
were covered by their spouse's company policy – No
Cost to the Family!  A family policy cost about
$200/mth because the pool was large & varied!!

Ten years later In 1990, a Family Policy cost approx.
$350 per month!  As Corporations pulled out of the
Economy they discontinued 100% Company Paid
Health Insurance for the Average Worker, but
Executives kept their Golden Plans 100% Co. Paid!

During the Bush's Regime Cost Went Straight up!  By
2008 Company Paid Benefits were Obsolete and an
Average Family Plan cost $1,400.00 Per Month with
Higher Deductibles!!  The Cost of a Mortgage!  
Nothing was Done to Curb the Steady Increase!

Hard Working, Two Income Families were forced
to choose Between Owning a Home or Having
Health Insurance!
  Deregulation of Hospitals and
Pricing is a huge part of this increase!  A routine
Bone Density Scan that should cost $150 is billed at
$580!  It is a 15 minute routine procedure and  If you
have Aetna Ins. you will be charged $750!  The
Extreme Increase in Service Prices and the Loss of
Company Paid benefits caused a large Increase in
Dependency on Government Provided Medical Care!

Then Corporations Accelerated the shipping of jobs
over seas to China & Korea which expanded into
India and Bangladesh!  As Salaries for CEOs, Board
Members, CFOs, Directors, Producers and
Celebrities increased by 273%, Average Americans
experienced a 30% increase in income!  As the Cost
of Necessities Increased by 300% the Lower Earners
received an income increase of only 18%!  Lower
Wages & Higher Unemployment causes Low Self
Esteem, Less Pride in Service, Less Spending and
Less Savings!!  
If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
Then the Corporate Pension Contributions Stopped!
Less Retirement Savings Created More Dependency
on Social Security!  As CEOs Cut Corporate Expenses
and Raised Their Salaries Government Grew Bigger!  
Social Security Benefits Should Be Means Tested!  It
should be looked at as an insurance policy!  If You
Ain't Broke you don't get insurance payments!

Why are CEOs making $10M, $50M, $100M Per Year,
Year After Year plus Benefits, Pensions, Expense
Accounts, Autos?  Because they have unionized to
manipulate the markets, control our Washington
representatives and lower American's Wages?!?!?  
There are very Few, the Top 10%, who have Greatly
Benefited from the Bush and Obama Administrations!

SAC's Cohen - The Investor of the Year - Multi-
Millionaire & FRAUD!!! CHEAT!!!  It's easy to Win
when you have Insider Info.!!!!  Goldman Sach's
Fabrice, the Scapegoat for the Extremely Rich and
Powerful, convicted of FRAUD!!!  Bundled & Sold

$50Million Dollar a year Bank CEOs lowered lending
standards to Nothing, collected their bonuses, Gave
the High Risk bonds to Goldman who Bundle them into
Trash.  Goldman then paid off Standard & Poor's to
grade the Trash as "AA" Investments and AIG OVER
Leveraged to insure the Trash.  This was all done
while the Tax Paid Regulators were busy watching
porn!  Then the Top Investors pulled THEIR MONEY
out of the Markets - Insider Information - Right Before
the Markets and World  Economy Crashed!  Did Free
Markets & Capitalism Prevail?  No!  Did the Chips Lay
Where They Fell???  No!  Our Republican Lead
Government Bailed Them Out with a Trillion Dollars!  
The CEOs who caused the crisis received their Huge
Salaries, Bonuses and Gold Pension Plans while
Thousands of Employees lost their jobs, pensions,
homes and credit!

SIX MILLION Families lost their Homes and Millions
More are underwater!!  Republicans try to blame Gov.
Policy!  Show me the law that says Banks must lend
120% of the home value to people with a 560 credit
scores with NO Money Down!  Management was paid
to do Right by the Company and Share Holders But
They Did What Benefited Themselves Best at the
Expense of Millions of People!  Congress May Have
given Wall St. a lending 'tool'....but....if I hand you a
gun are you going to shot yourself or do have the
sense and responsibilities to Put the Gun Down?  Wall
Street Did Not Shot Themselves.....They Shot Main St.
and it was a Massacre!  This wasn't the First Time -
The Dirty S&L Bonds during the Bush I's Administration.

Goldman's Paulson (any relation to Bush's Paulson
that gave Trillions to Wall Street?)  made BILLIONS
from insider trading of the Goldman Sach Securities
and the housing crash!!!!

How can Anyone Invest in the Stock Market when it is
so Obviously Manipulated by a Few Billionaires - Look
at Herbal Life!   How's the Aluminum price - Goldman
AGAIN!!   $85 Billion Every Month pushed into the
Murkest and the Portfolios of the Top 5% Investors!!!  
INVESTORS!!!  Speculation is causing Volatility and
Not Affordable Bail Outs!

There is NO Excuse for oil to be $106/barrel!!  No
Reason except speculation!!!!!  Manipulation!!!  For
4.5 Decades, 45 years, 1930 - 1978, oil sold for a
constant, steady, reliable $20.00/barrel.  After the
Iranian/Carter Crisis in 1980 oil settled at $40.00 per
barrel (adjusted for inflation) for Another 2.5 Decades
until 2005 when the Price of Oil Tripled and has Not  
come back down!  

America should not be exporting its oil until oil prices
are $60/barrel for Americans!!  What Happened to
Supply & Demand????  These prices are Raises the
Cost of Living!  Gas was $1.00/gal when W took
office and it went up to $3.85/gal prior to the
crash!!!!  Huge Increases in Costs to the American
Family and No Increase in Pay!!!   Oil is America‘s
Resource, Corporations did not Create it (like human
genes) they only drill it and if these Corporations
can't find the strength to be decent then I agree they
must be forced!  No Exports until Americans have
$2.00/gal gas!!!   All Americans in the lower 70% are
getting squeezed by the Extremely Rich and Poor and
there is Nothing Left to get!!!

Well Respected Corzine Destroyed MF Global!!!!  
Madoff had a GREAT Reputation - FRAUD!!!!!  HSBC
Executives received $120Million under the table Tax
Free and Walked Free!  Wall Street Idolizes a bunch
of Greedy Crooks who make astronomical amounts of
money without regard to how many people they Hurt!!
Then they get to Deduct their luxury lifestyle (tax free)
and complain that the poor don't pay enough taxes!!!

Millions of Dollars to CEOs but Average Americans
don't deserve a livable wage!!!???!!   Republican
Commentators don't believe GM Workers, Head of
Households, deserve $65K/yr plus benefits.  They
don't think a City Comptroller deserves $400k/yr!!!  
They don't think food service workers deserve
$10/hr, but Pigs Like Howard Stern & Crooks (too
many to name) deserve $100Million Per Year++!?!

We need to LOWER The Cost of Living but It's
the Unjustified, Huge Salaries of the Rich
raising the Cost of Living!!!
 Prices start at the
Absolute Highest a person will pay and go down
accordingly!!!  If the People at the Top couldn't pay
such a high price, all prices would be lower!!!  If
Corporations didn't pay Hundreds of Millions of
Dollars to have a Millionaires endorse their products,
they could afford to provide company paid benefits
and lower consumer prices!!!  The attitude at the top
has to change before America can get Better!  The
Rich have to stop helping the Rich get Richer and
start helping America get richer!!

Large Corporations have selfishly pulled out of
the economy
and Both Parties Have Rewarded their
Behavior and Look what it has gotten us!!!!!  Don't
Complain about Dependency, complain about the
Real Cause of Dependency!!!!

Republicans complain about Government Regulation,
but don't recognize the BILLIONS of dollars spent (all
tax free) on Lobbying!!!  Lobbying Causes
Regulation!!!  The Little Guy is Losing!!!!  The only
way to get rid of Crony Capitalism and give the
Majority of Americans a chance is to Eliminate the
Current Tax Code!!  Even the Republican "Fair Tax"
is Unfair!!  It shifts the tax burden onto the working
poor and off Billion dollar Corporations!  It raises
taxes for the Working Poor and Allows Billionaires &
Corporations to pay no Income Tax!!!  You can only
spend so much money; the rest goes into savings for
future more powerful, more selfish generations!  This
does not help the economy or encourage equality!!!

Republicans have the Reputation of Overlooking the
Needs of Citizens to Satisfy the Greed of
Corporations and their actions hold true to the
reputation!!!  The only way to get fair representation
in Congress is Pass Campaign Finance Reform,
Term Limits &
The C - Tax!!!  There are more of US
than corporations and we need to use Our Power of
the Vote!!!  Corporations Might Have More Money....
But We Have More Votes!!!  Use Your Vote Wisely!
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Corporations Create Bigger Government  
By Cutting Their Expenses to Show
Greater Profits!
When People with Astronomical Amounts of
Money are Willing to Hurt Anyone To Get More
Money - Things Need to Change!
The Top 10% of the Population Earns More Than 50% of
America's Total Income!  The other 90% of the Population
Splits the other 50%!
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If Men were Angels, No Government Would Be Necessary! - James Madison
Christopher Fattahi