Campaign Finance Reform

Freedom is Never More than One Generation Away
fromExtinction.  we Didn't Pass it to Our Children in
the bloodstream.  It must be Fought for, Protected
andHanded on For THEM to do the Same!  - Ronald

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If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
Everyone Needs to Pay Their Fair Share to keep
the tax rate low
, even Investors & Corporations!  
Stock Purchases will be taxed - Billionaires, like W.
Buffett, who make Millions of Dollars a Day buying and
selling stocks need to be taxed on their purchases!  
There is No Reason for Necessities to be Taxed and
Stocks Not!

Corporations rely heavily on America's Infrustructor,
Natural Resources and Population.  They want to be
Treated as Individuals so they can Pick Our Political
Candidates and Bribe Our Representatives so They
Need to Pay a Consumption Tax!  

Billion Dollar Corporations can not expect to only be
taxed on their purchases of copy paper and cell phone
service.  The Only Way to Make Corporate Tax fair for
all businesses of all sizes is to base their consumption
tax on their Gross Revenue!

The C-Tax -- One Page Tax Code

1.  All Purchases are taxed at 10% retail (all retail,
service, insurance, financial, etc. unless exempt).  
Business to Business Inventory Purchases are tax

2.  All Businesses Pay  a Flat 10% tax on 40% of their
Total Revenue & 10% on retail purchases.  No More
Deductions for CEOs or Never Paid Stock Option
Wage Deductions!  A Fair Small Flat Tax!

3.  Imported Items & Cash are taxed at 10%, unless it's
inventory, and all Exports are taxed at 10%.  Any Cash
or 'Donations' leaving the Country are taxed at 10%.

4.  All Businesses will Report & Pay Monthly to their
State.  All Businesses will Provide the State &
employees with an Bi-annual Earnings statement for
Gov. Assist. & Loan Income Verification. All Businesses
are required to follow Accepted Accounting Principles
and are Open to Audit by the state, or with reason, by
the Federal Government.  Harsh Penalties for Tax

5.  The States will report to the Federal Government!!

Items Exempt from C- Tax:   Meat/Fish (under $8/lb), Dairy,
Bread, Pasta, Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts (under $6/lb) - Food
Pyramid.  Baby Food, Formula and diapers.  Day Care, Clothing
(under $15/item), Accredited Education, Wages, Taxes, Fines,
Used Items Sold By Individuals (under $3k),  Loan Payments
(tax paid at purchase), Medical/Dental/Optical services for
Individuals, Medically Necessary equipment, devices and
medications to Individuals, Mental/Drug services, Elderly
Aids/Facilities/diapers, Health Insurance Premiums (less than
$6/yr. Indv. & $15/yr Family - unless health condition causes
higher premiums), Legall Fees
(they'll Collect tax and never pay it!)

We Don't need another Sales Tax Rebate Program It's
Complicated & Creates Fraud!!!

Charitable & Political Donations paid by Individuals &
Businesses are not taxed by the Organization - But - Everything
purchased by the Organization is taxed unless it is an exempt
item.  All ads, airtime, printing and merchandising for
campaigns are taxable.

All other purchases are Taxed!!!  For example; stocks, bonds,
financial services, auto/life insurance, hotel, airline,
sport/concert/broadway tickets, optional medical care/plastic
surgery, restaurants, car repairs/rentals/leasing charges, cable,
internet, advertising, airtime, printing, manicures/hair salon
services etc. etc.    Rent & Primary home taxed at 2%!
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We Don't
need another
Program It's
& Creates

A Mistake
Waiting to be

The First
United States
Income Tax
was Imposed in
July 1861 at
3% of all
Incomes Over
$800.00 in
order to help
pay for the war
effort in the
American Civil
It is Time to Shrink the IRS and Bring the
Jobs Home to the People - Not the Elite!
"We Have the Best Government Money Can Buy!" - Mark Twain
A Practice Older Than Prostituion!

"It Is to be Regretted that The Rich and
Powerful Too Often Bend the Acts of
Government to Their Own Selfish
- Andrew Jackson

When will We Ban Together ans End This