Pay Doubled Premiums or Take a HANDOUT They
Don't Want from the Government!  A.C.A. is making
People Who Are Not Dependent on the Government -
Dependent on the Government!  How Does That
Lower the Costs?

2nd Goal - Lower Health Insurance Premiums by
$2,500.00/per family per year!  
This Did Not Happen
for 50% of the population and the Administration Knew
it wasn't going to happen!  Just like They Knew
Hundreds of Thousands of Insured Americans Could
Not Keep Their Plans and Their Doctors!  We Were
Not Told the Facts of the A.C.A. - We Were Told to
Trust Them and they misrepresented the law!

Premiums are Not Less, They are Much Higher,
costing Hard Working Americans to have less
Discretionary spending money!  This hurts Us, the
Economy and the Housing Market!  Qualifying for a
home loan just got a higher premium harder!

A.C.A. Not Only guarantees
Insurance Companies Tens of
Millions of more Customers, with
Gov. Guaranteed payments!  It
guarantees Hospitals Millions
of more Insureded Consumers with
pent up Demand!!!!  

No more unpaid Emergency Room Bills!  So Why
doesn't the A.C.A. require Hospitals to Lower
Their Rates?
  Not Only are the A.C.A. plans more
expensive by at least 33%,  deductibles are higher
and some plans have co-insurance fees.  Only approx.
30% of the Population wil benefit from lower premiums.

I was already writing Congress Complaining about my
insurance Premium and Deductible prior to A.C.A., but
leave it to a bunch of Crony Politicians and Lawyers to
make Our Health Care System  Even Worse!  We
Need Change - But the Correct Change!

Millions of Americans are being Forced to purchase an
A.C.A. (aka ObamaCare) Plan which includes
coverage for services they will never use!  For
example, a person has to pay extra for periodantal
dental care even if they haven't any children!  Men are
paying for maternity coverage!  My plan, that cost
$350.00/mth, $2500 deductible, no cost, no deductible
Annual Physical and Female Annual Exam is being
replaced with a A.C.A. plan that will cost $644.00/mth
with a $3,500 deductible.  I am being Forced to
Purchase a Less Economical Plan for $300 More per

This is Not Reducing my premiums or providing
me with a better plan!  It is a Lie!
 I am
self-employed so if I Try Real Hard to NOT MAKE ANY
MONEY, I'll Qualify for a Subsidy which might reduce
my premium to $450/mth!  A Susidy!  I Don't Want a
Damn Handout from the Government to Pay For a
Product I don't Want at a Price The Government
Caused to Skyrocket!
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If You Agree.....Email Your Representatives in Washington, DC!
The Goal of the Affordable Care Act is Admirable,
the process in which President Obama chose to
achieve his goals is Not American!

1st Goal - Insure approx. 30M
Americans without insurance!  
Notice the word "insure" not "provide
care to". The CBO says that the ACA
will result in 15M Americans Uninsured.
So before we started we already knew
we weren't coming close to our goal!!

Many States already have PreExisting/High Risk
insurance plans, paid for by people who can afford it
and free to ones who can't.  But, like Medicaid
Receipients, It is very difficult to find a doctor who will
accept the insurance.  The Insurance is practically
useless unless you have a cold or go to the
emergency room for care, so visits to the emergency
room are going to go up not down!

The 15M - 30M Americans who are supposedly going
to be Helped by A.C.A. (ObamaCare) could have been
helped by Expanding Medicaid without disrupting
coverage for over half  the population!  More people
are signing up for Medicaid over A.C.A. three to one!  

We are going to end up with More Than 30M
More Americans on Medicaid!

Medicaid is Not Free!!!
 Not Only is it Not Free to
Society, It's Not Free to Receipients, the poor!  What
You Don't Pay For Now - You Will Pay For When You
Die!  Any Asset You Have Will Be Confiscated by the
Government to repay the tax payers for What You
Took!  Family Members can Forget about getting
Grandma's Inheritence, no matter how small!
"We are Right to Take Alarm at the First Experiment Upon Our Liberties!  - James Madison
President Obama could have covered the 8% of
Americans that Need Help by Expanding
Medicaid, but he Didn't Want His Legacy to be
"The President Who Expanded Medicaid".
Wanted His Legacy to be - "The President Who
Socialized Health Care".  A.C.A. is the Wrong Solution!
It hasn't created choice & competion, it's given us
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum - Four Poor Choices -
and they are all over priced!   It's the same choice you
had in the Former Solviet Union!  You can choose to
purchase your dark, grey overcoat from Moskovsky's
or Narvsky's but it's the same dark, grey overcoast
and the retailers are fronts for the government!

Former President John F. Kennedy and America was
Against Socialized Medicine!  What Happened to
American Indipendence & Self-Reliance which Allowed
America to become the Best Nation in the World?

Either the President and his Brainiacs totally Screwed
This Up or They Intentionally made the cost of Health
Unnecessarily Rise, in order to Force
People who are paying for THEIR OWN Insurance, to
From 2008 - 2012 The Number Of Americans Employed has
Shrunk while the Number of People on Disability, Medicaid and
Food Stamps has Greatly Increased!  It's Unsustainable!
A.C.A. is Making People Who Are Not
Dependent on the Government - Dependent
on the Government!
Hospitals Need Regulation!  There should be a
Federal Standard of Care and Cost of Care.  Hospitals
charging 20% over the Federal Standard Rate for a
Procedure Should Not Be Considered a Non-Profit
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I'm Not Against a Corporation making a Profit, I'm
Against an Industry acting like a Monopoly when their
product is a Necessity such as medicine, medical care,
oil, gas, milk, eggs, Corn etc.  We Subsidies All these
Industries and Costs of These Products are Sky
Rocketing Beyound Affordablilty!  Government
Subsidies Eduction and now Tuition is Not Affordable!  
We Need to Stop the Subsidies to Corporations and
60% of the American Population!

There is nothing in the A.C.A. that lowers Costs of
Premiums or Care!  A.C.A. Actually Guarantees the
Insurance Companies that the Tax Payers Will Bail
Them out if They Don't Make Enough Profit!!  What is
that Profit?  No One Knows but the Insurance Execs.

The Only Thing Our House, Senate and Executive
Office is willing to do to lower prices, is the same thing
they do everytime!!!  They are Lowering the Fees
Paid to Our Doctors!

Before President Obama Cuts Medical Payments
to Our Doctors Again.... He Needs to Take Air
Force One to Hollywood
and Tell Every Member of
S.A.G. that Their Compensation is being Cut In Half
Effective Immediately For the Good of Society and The
Country!  I would Prefer a Well Paid Surgeon over a
Well Paid Actor!

The A.C.A. is discouraging our kids from becoming
Doctors!  Who is going to Study for at least 12 years
and accumulate $100K in Student Loans to become a
Doctor when T.V. makes it Look So Easy to Become a
Millionaire by Rapping Out a Song!

Working at a Doctors Office Use to be a Good Paying
Job which Lead to Higher Positions because We and
Our Doctors Need Quality, Effecient, Trust Worthly
People Working With Our Most Personal and
Vulnerable Information!  But, Due to Continual Cuts in
Doctor's Compensation, You are Lucky to get
$10.00/hr (use to be $15 - $25) and You Need to Be
Bi-Lingual to Qualify for an Interview!  Doctor Offices
across the country are getting notices that Their
Health Insurance Premiums are Doubling and Now
They Can't Afford to Provide Small Group Health
Insurance Coverage for Their Employees - They'll
probably be enrolled in Medicaid!

Common Sense Health Care Fixes..
read more
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Subsidies are Our Tax Dollars We Don't Want
to be Paying that are used by the
Government to Pick Winners and Losers!!
3rd Goal - Lower Medical Care Costs!  Why has
America's Health Care Costs Risen So Much Higher
than other Countries?
 Americans pay two to three
times more per Prescription!  Why are We Subsidising
the World's Adiction to Anti-Depressants and
Oxycodiene?  We are the Only Country that dosen't
have Price Caps on Medical Necessities!  The
Pharmaceutical corporations make huge Profits!  If
They Lower Their Prices in order to sell in Other
Countries, They Need to Lower Their Prices to Sell in
This Country, Not Charge Us More to Make up Losses.
Medicaid Recepients
spend More on Health
Care per enrollee than
Private Insurance
enrollees!  So Why Are
We Reducing Private
Insurance and Increasing
Medicaid Enrollment??
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